Safely reduce your risk of vision loss with Vision Protection Therapy

What is Vision Protection Therapy? Vision Protection Therapy™ (VPT™) is a new approach to preventing visual loss. It employs revolutionary new treatment concepts to improve the health and function of your eye. VPT™ uses advanced retinal laser treatment called “low-intensity / high-density subthreshold microsecond pulsed laser” (SDM), developed in over 20 years of clinical use. SDM uses Safe-Pulse™ technology to work in unparalleled safety to activate powerful natural mechanisms in your eye to heal damage, reduce inflammation, and strengthen immunity to treat the most common causes of irreversible vision loss. VPT™ is a patented program of regular periodic SDM laser treatment scientifically designed to achieve and maintain maximum treatment safety and effectiveness.

What are the most common causes of vision loss? In persons under 50 years old, it is diabetic retinopathy (DR). In persons over 50, it is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Glaucoma (GL) is next most common. Together, these diseases affect hundreds of millions of people and are the leading causes of visual loss and blindness.

How does VPT™ help all of these different problems? All of these diseases, while different, have important things in common. By triggering a powerful natural repair and healing phenomenon, called the “Reset to Default™” phenomenon, VPT™ improves each disease in just the right way. In the same way that you fix your computer by hitting the “Reset” button, VPT™ heals your eye. The way that VPT™ activates your body to heal itself makes VPT™ safe, highly effective, with no known side effects.

Vision Protection Therapyis painless and just takes just minutes. After treatment, your vision will be blurry for a few seconds. There are no restrictions after treatment.

What will VPT™ do for my vision? Many patients note brighter, sharper vision and improved vision indoors for reading and watching television. Contrast and color vision may also improve. Depending your problem, outdoor and night vision may improve. If your vision is distorted, this may improve as well. Some of these improvements may occur quickly; others, over a period of time. 

How does VPT™ decrease my risk of losing vision? Studies have shown that, via the “Reset” phenomenon, VPT™ Retinal Activation improves the health and function of your eye. By so doing, disease progression is slowed, stopped, or even reversed. This reduces your risks of the complications that lead to vision loss.

How often will I need treatment? Depending upon your condition, treatment may be needed only once; or may need to be repeated on a regular basis. Due to the unique safety of VPT™, VPT™ can be done as many times as necessary to provide you with the greatest degree of vision protection. VPT™ cannot cure the underlying cause of your problem – diabetes, age, etc. Instead, VPT™ repairs and minimizes the effects of the underlying problem. VPT™ tends to wear off and the underlying problem – age, for instance – continues. Therefore, VPT™ usually works best when maintained by periodic re-treatment to keep it working as well as possible for you. 

What else does Vision Protection Therapydo? Via the “Reset” effect, VPT™ can also  help a number of other retinal disorders, including Central Serous Chorioretinopathy, Retinal Vein Occlusion, and inherited diseases.

Your doctor can tell you if VPT™ is appropriate for you.

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*Vision Protection Therapy ™ was invented and developed by Jeffrey K Luttrull, MD.  Vision Protection Therapy™, Safe-Pulse ™, Retinal Activation™, and Reset to Default ™ are registered trademarks and include patents and patents pending of Ojai Technologies, LLC, Los Angeles, California, USA.