How does Vision Protection Therapy™ work?


What is Vision Protection Therapy™? Vision Protection Therapy™ (VPT™) is a patented treatment program designed to maximize the safety and effectiveness of SDM laser treatment for chronic progressive retinopathies, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Open Angle Glaucoma.

Understanding Vision Protection Therapy™  involves several key concepts: Bioactivation; Chronic progressive disease; Heat Shock Proteins; Acute inflammation; Chronic Inflammation; and Immunomodulation. Taken together, these concepts and affects are described by the term Immunoactivation.  This means VPT works by engaging your own body’s powerful immune system to safely heal and restore your vision. That is Vision Protection Therapy™.

Bioactivation describes the process in which inactive biologic molecules such as enzymes acquire the ability to perform their biologic function. Vision Protection Therapy™ does this with a unique type of laser treatment called SDM (subthreshold diode microsecond pulsed laser) treatment.

Chronic progressive diseases are the diseases of ageing. These include the most common causes of irreversible visual loss, including Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Open Angle Glaucoma. With time, the proteins, or machinery of our cells, become increasingly damaged and don’t work correctly. Eventually, the cell will stop working and die. The dysfunction and cell death caused by ageing and chronic disease leads to a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation and degeneration. In the eye, this leads to visual loss. 

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) are critical to our health. They make up a large percentage of the proteins in every cell in our body and do a great many things. Of particular interest to us is HSP 70. These HSPs are crucial for the repair of proteins in our cells to keep them working properly. They also respond to sudden threats to our cells to protect them from damage and death from almost any cause. Remarkably, however, HSPs are not activated by the slow, insidious progression of chronic diseases and ageing. Retinal Protective Therapy™ wakes them up to heal and restore. In fact, Vision Protection Therapy™ is the first treatment in medicine to safely engage HSPs to both treat and prevent disease. By improving retinal health and function, Vision Protection Therapy™ is “neuroprotective”. This means it is helpful in virtually all retinal diseases, and glaucoma as well, to reverse disease progression and reduce the risks of visual loss. 

Acute inflammation is the process by which our body heals, repairs, regenerates and restores itself. Usually, acute inflammation occurs if we are injured, or get an infection. Because of the redness, pain, and swelling associated with acute inflammation, we think of it as a bad thing. Vision Protection Therapy™ uniquely triggers restorative acute inflammation without damage, risk or side-effects.Thus, the effects of VPT™ are entirely beneficial and therapeutic. In fact, despite years of patient treatment and laboratory studies, there are no known risks or side-effects of Retinal Protective Therapy™.

Because acute inflammation is healing and restorative, it is also temporary. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is progressive, destructive, degenerative and self-perpetuating. Chronic inflammation is the most important driving force in all chronic progressive diseases – and of ageing itself. The cure for chronic inflammation is, interestingly, acute inflammation. Vision Protection Therapy™ is able to safely trigger the healing forces of acute inflammation whenever, and as many times as necessary, to reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation to stop disease progression and prevent visual loss. 

Vision Protection Therapy™ via HSP activation strengthens immunity by activating retinal and even systemic immune cells, including stem cells, to promote healing and repair. This is called “immunomodulation”. This is because  SDM VPT™ causes a “catalytic” reaction, starting in the cells of the retina.  Like the fuse on a bomb, SDM causes a big (catalytic) response to HSP activation.

Vision Protection Therapy™ is Pathoselective. This means that if normal tissue or retinal cells are treated by VPT™, nothing happens – because they are already normal. However, when cells that are sick and dysfunctional are treated by VPT they are improved and their function normalized. Remarkably, it doesn’t matter what has caused them to be sick and dysfunctional in the first place! VPT™’s pathoselectivity allows your entire retina to be safely treated ensure that all abnormal cells are effectively treated and normalized  to maximize treatment benefits. This is the genius of VPT™.

Vision Protection Therapy™ is thus both safe, and effective. It is the first highly effective preventive treatment for chronic progressive retinal diseases. In the simplest terms, VPT™ “turns back the clock”; slowing, stopping or reversing disease, improving vision and reducing the risks of vision loss.  

How can one kind of treatment help so many things?

Sounds like a bit much, right? One treatment that can help so many different types of eye diseases? Not really. 

Actually, there are many processes in your body that work this way. In fact, many of the most important processes in your body work this way. The most familiar is the blood-clotting system. Our blood-clotting system is designed to keep us alive by stopping bleeding. The cause of the bleeding generally doesn’t matter.

It is the same with Laser Retinal Activation™. The natural processes triggered by Vision Protection Therapy™ are designed to restore health and function, no matter why they have gone wrong.  Another everyday example? The “Reset to Default™” button on your computer. What problems does it fix? Most. Vision Protection Therapy™.