How does Laser Vision Protection™ work?

Laser Retinal Activation

Laser Vision Protection™ What it does.  

Retinal Protective Therapy™ How it’s done.

Laser Retinal Activation™ How it works.

Understanding Laser Retinal Activation™ involves 6 key concepts: Bioactivation; Acute Inflammation; Heat Shock Proteins; Chronic Progressive Disease; Chronic Inflammation; and Immunomodulation. 

Bioactivation describes the process in which inactive biologic molecules such as enzymes acquire the ability to perform their biologic function. Because Laser Vision Protection™ is accomplished by SDM laser treatment (Retinal Protective Therapy™), we call this process Laser Retinal Activation™.

Acute inflammation is the process by which our body heals, repairs, and regenerates itself. In our usual experience, acute inflammation develops in response to an injury, like trauma or an infection. Because of the redness, pain, and swelling often associated with acute inflammation, we think of it as a bad thing, and we often take medication address it.

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) are critical to our survival. They make up a large percentage of the proteins in every cell in our body. They do a great many things. Of particular interest to us is the HSP 70 family. These HSPs protect our cells from damage and death from almost any cause, by repairing intracellular proteins (the machinery of our body), improving cell metabolism, and reducing chronic inflammation. HSPs and their importance to our health has been studied for 60 years. Retinal Protective Therapy™ is the first treatment to harness the power of HSPs to treat and prevent disease. 

Retinal Protective Therapy™ via HSP activation also strengthens immunity.  This includes activation of immune cells in the retina and bone marrow. These cells are activated and contribute to healing and repair of the retina. The ability of eye treatment to affect the whole body in this way, is called “immunomodulation”.

While acute inflammation is temporary, restorative and healing, Chronic Inflammation is progressive and destructive. It is one of the most important features of all chronic progressive diseases. The cure for chronic inflammation is, interestingly, acute inflammation. Usually, acute inflammation occurs as the result of tissue damage from an injury or infection, to repair the damage. Recent laboratory studies indicate that SDM Retinal Protective Therapy™ reduces dangerous free-radicals in the retina, and increases nitrous oxide, improving retinal circulation. Uniquely, Retinal Protective Therapy™ elicits a reparative acute inflammatory reaction without tissue damage.Thus, the effects of RPT™ are entirely and only positive and beneficial, reducing the chronic inflammation that drives the disease process. 

Retinal Protective Therapy™ is also “Pathoselective“. This means that if normal tissue or retinal cells are treated by RPT™, nothing happens. This is because they are already functioning normally and cannot be made more normal. However, if tissue or cells that are dysfunctional and are treated by RPT they will be improved and their function normalized, whatever the cause of the dysfunction. Medically, is it currently impossible to identify which individual cells in your retina may be abnormal and need treatment. RPT™’s pathoselectivity allows your entire retina to be safely treated ensure that all abnormal cells are effectively treated, normalized and recruited to maximize treatment benefits. This is the genius of RPT™.

Finally, the acute inflammatory response also stimulates the body’s immune system to repair and protect the retina, and improve vision. In experimental studies, SDM Retinal Protective Therapy™ is immunomodulating, activating retinal stem cells, and causes stem cells to come to the eye from the bone marrow to aid healing.

Thus, Laser Vision Protection™ Retinal Protective Therapy™ works like this: Low-intensity / high-density subthreshold diode micropulse laser (SDM) as RPT™ safely and effectively activates retinal HSPs, normalizing retinal function and health. HSP activation is also the first step in the restorative, reparative, and regenerative acute inflammatory response. Unlike the cuts, bruises, and infections that usually cause acute inflammation, RPT™ triggers the acute inflammatory response in complete safety and without tissue damage of any kind. Thus, there are no known side-effects or risks of SDM RPT™. This allows RPT™ to be used anywhere in the eye, and as often as necessary to achieve optimal visual results. The RPT™ triggered acute inflammatory process reduces or eliminates chronic inflammation and it’s destructive, disease-perpetuating effects.

The many healing, restorative and regenerative effects of RPT™ can be described as “homeotrophic“. This is not the same as “homeopathic”, which actually means to do nothing at all. Instead, homeotrophic means to restore normal function, or normalize. The sum of all of the many beneficial effects of RPT™ is to normalize retinal function, reversing disease damage, and reducing the risks of visual loss. 

RPT™ is thus safe, and effective. In the simplest terms, RPT™ “turns back the clock”: slowing, stopping or reversing disease, improving vision and reducing the risk of vision loss.  We call the all of the processes triggered by RPT, Laser Retinal Activation™.   This is how Laser Vision Protection™ works.

How can one kind of treatment help so many things?

Sounds like a bit much, right? One treatment that can help so many different types of eye diseases? Not really. 

Actually, there are many processes in your body that work this way. In fact, many of the most important processes in your body work this way. The most familiar is the blood-clotting system. Our blood-clotting system is designed to keep us alive by stopping bleeding. The cause of the bleeding generally doesn’t matter.

It is the same with Laser Retinal Activation™. The natural processes triggered by Laser Retinal Activation™ are designed to restore health and function, no matter why they have gone wrong.  Another everyday example? The “Reset to Default™” button on your computer. What problems does it fix? Most. Laser Retinal Activation™.